Oven-baked Foil-wrapped Prawns


It is true, what they say – first you get something, and then you find a use for it. So now that the big black monster of an oven is sitting in the kitchen, it seems problematic not to use it for something. Cakes, well, they’re nice the first three times round. Sunday roast cuts can be difficult to obtain, and in any case potatoes aren’t a family staple and what’s cooking for if not the family? 

 So prawns it is. I like prawns – they are one of the few things Singapore has that you really need to look hard to find in London, big succulent white shrimp (not tiger prawns) that go brilliant coral rather than the equivocal pink that smaller shrimp grudgingly give when cooked. Once that centrepiece is in place, the rest is mostly playing by ear; suffice to say I was looking for something a little Thai. 


The first attempt at this was problematic; trying to find the right time for cooking prawns in an oven turns out to be surprisingly difficult, and we ended with something edible but rather too dry. Here is the improved version, where the prawns kindly provide a nice rounded savour to the tartness of the limes, all in a handy liquid for drizzling on white rice or noodles. 

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